Japanese NKC visit Kendall Startup scene

“When our friend Yuki says jump, we jump!” says Bernard Lupien, General Partner at RVP.

“Jump!” said Yuki.

Dr. Yuki Nakagawa is a thought leader in the Japanese industrial innovation space. As a consultant to Nakanishi Metal Works (NKC), a large Japanese metalworking company, Yuki knew that interesting innovation was to be found in Cambridge, MA.

Bernard and RVP created a 4 day tour of 10 applied science startups that are bringing to market novel technologies, first developed at MIT and other research universities. The startups included Rhapsody portfolio companies such as Kinalco, which is commercializing a novel shape memory alloy invented at MIT, as well as other promising companies with technologies such as high-strength metals, specialty coatings and energy storage.

“Kendall Square is hotbed for science innovation. NKC is an innovation leader and these innovations form part of our future,” said Masamitsu Yoshida, Innovation Team Member at NKC.

“We’re entrepreneurs at heart, and connecting forward thinking industry partners with our young startup community is always exciting,” said Bernard. “We believe that early and close collaboration between industry and startups is a win-win for both sides.”

About Rhapsody Venture Partners

Rhapsody Venture Partners invests in applied science and engineering startups emerging from leading research institutions.  RVP works side-by-side with inventors to establish customer relationships that validate commercial opportunities and accelerate time-to-market.

About Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd.

Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd. manufactures bearing retainer, conveyor, window sash hardware, and sheet metal products. It also offers wind and solar power generators, wind and solar power hybrid generation systems for emergency, and power generation systems for auxiliary power (for interconnected systems). The company was founded in 1924 and is based in Osaka, Japan with overseas offices in Winterville, Georgia; Memphis, Tennessee; Mississauga, Canada; Mexico; Cebu, the Philippines; Dalian, Foshan, and Jiangsu, China; Doreen, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; Subang Jaya, Malaysia; Bangkok, Thailand; Gurgaon, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Milton Keynes, United Kingdom; Esztergom, Hungary; Barcelona, Spain; and Goteborg, Sweden.



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