“Finally some brains around here!”

Cambridge, MA, -- Rhapsody Venture Partners is excited to announce that Dr. Mike Fuerstman has joined the firm as a Principal. Mike is smart, connected, and surprisingly charming for someone with a Harvard PhD. He will be focused on growing and strengthening the industry relationships that Rhapsody forms for its portfolio companies.

Rhapsody initiates and facilitates close industry collaborations for its startups, where other funds just provide money. Working with industry partners is key for hard tech startups. It’s nearly impossible to correctly assess industry requirements, to scale up efficiently, and to integrate into industry processes without a close collaboration.


Mike is a seasoned pro when it comes to evangelizing emerging technologies and working with industry giants. He comes to Rhapsody Venture Partners from Nano Terra, a materials-science based product-development company founded out of Harvard. Mike led business development and formed partnerships with more than forty world-leading companies in a range of industries, including chemicals, materials, oil & gas, agriculture, paints and coatings, filtration, food additives, aerospace, automotive, composites, consumer healthcare, packaging, consumer products, and footwear.

Carsten Boers, Managing Partner: “Mike, finally some brains around here! We’re excited to have you on board. How are you feeling?”

Mike: “I’m excited. Rhapsody has built a unique engagement platform between industrial companies and the startup world. Establishing trusted, effective collaborations is important work and I am excited to expand on what you have built.”

Carsten: “We knew that there was great interest from large industry players for innovation, but we’ve been surprised how helpful we can be as investors in facilitating transactions. We see so much opportunity for collaboration - your hire is a key investment in this strategy. What are your priorities for the coming months?”

Mike: “Well, you tell me! I was drawn to Rhapsody because it has built a path that systematically brings technologies from lab to market. The team has fostered great relationships with industry partners and provides a unique channel for the startup ecosystem. I bring my own deep network, further expanding Rhapsody’s set of relationships that we can leverage to ensure that portfolio companies have the connections they need to be successful. My goal is to grow the relationships with industrial partners and find ever more opportunities for collaboration and investment.”

Carsten: “Mike, our startups and our industry partners will benefit from you being part of this!”


About Rhapsody

Rhapsody Venture Partners is an early stage venture investor in Cambridge, MA, exclusively focused on startups in applied science and engineering. The complexity of hard tech innovation requires a specialized due diligence and has led many investors to avoid the space. Beyond providing funds, Rhapsody works side-by-side with founders to secure anchor customers, commercialize the technology and find channels to market.  Rhapsody’s portfolio is made up of high-impact companies: Apeel Sciences, LiquiGlide, Manus Bio, Hazel Technologies, Fluid Efficiency, Kinalco and Magnolia Medical.

Learn more at www.rhapsodyvp.com